AiTiMart - international digital depository

Truly global success of the international digital depository «AitiMart» has been achieved as «AitiMart» guarantees income to all its clients in the amount of 1% per each calendar day.This tariff is unique because a deposit in «AitiMart» can be placed in both dollars and cryptocurrency. Currently, no bank in the world provides such opportunities.

The process of accruing profit is absolutely transparent and accessible to visual perception around the clock. Accrual occurs 24 hours - in the form of a «live counter», the operation of which is fully automated and controlled by artificial intelligence. You can top up your deposit or withdraw funds almost instantly in any amount and at any time.

«AitiMart»'s profit is generated from income from issuing individual loans to clients, while the lending process itself takes place remotely and is also controlled by artificial intelligence.

7 days a week - 365 days a year, the international digital depository «AitiMart» pays 1 percent daily on deposits to its clients.

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The tariff plan for income on deposits of a client of the international digital depository «AitiMart» is 1 percent for every 24 hours (1 percent for 1 every calendar day), and this plan is unchangeable tariff.

Income on the client's deposit is accrued every 24 hours - at 10.00 am (GMT) for the entire amount of funds that remained in the client account at «AitiMart» during the last 24 hours at the time of accrual.

Capitalization of the income received on the client's deposit occurs automatically and simultaneously with its accrual - that is, every 24 hours. Once capitalized, the income is automatically added to the client's deposit and becomes available to withdrawal or further income generation.


Any client of «AitiMart» can receive regular income through the affiliate cooperation program by informing people about the international digital depository «AitiMart».

The client's income under the affiliate cooperation program is 25 (twenty-five) percent of the income of each newly attracted client.

For this a client attracted via referral scheme:
- either register using a unique client link, which is present on the main page of the client's «Personal Account»,
- or use a unique affiliate code in the form for registering a new client account.


The special feature of the «AitiMart» loan program is that such an individual loan can be obtained remotely.

Absolutely any individual can become a client of the lending program - without restrictions on the principle of country of citizenship or country of residence, current location, profession and position, as well as income level.

The decision to provide an individual loan to a potential borrower at «AitiMart» is made on the basis of unique calculation algorithms performed by a special program using artificial intelligence.

The loan rate is 1.75% for 1 full calendar day. The maximum term of an individual loan at «AitiMart» is 90 calendar days. The approved loan amount cannot exceed the equivalent of $3,500.


Bitcoin (BTC)

$59820.9763 USD

1.00000000 BTC

Ethereum (ETH)

$3193.0242 USD

0.05343060 BTC

BinanceCoin (BNB)

$534.9345 USD

0.00893251 BTC

BitcoinCash (BCH)

$371.7678 USD

0.00620790 BTC

Monero (XMR)

$156.7473 USD

0.00260772 BTC

Litecoin (LTC)

$69.6246 USD

0.00116506 BTC

BitCoinSV (BSV)

$40.8851 USD

0.00067952 BTC

ZCash (ZEC)

$27.4122 USD

0.00045589 BTC

Avalanche (AVAX)

$26.0519 USD

0.00043340 BTC

Dash (DASH)

$25.7242 USD

0.00042931 BTC

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

$22.4323 USD

0.00037257 BTC

TonCoin (TON)

$7.3539 USD

0.00012230 BTC

Polkadot (DOT)

$6.2300 USD

0.00010364 BTC

Usdcoin (USDC)

$1.0008 USD

0.00001658 BTC


$1.0003 USD

0.00001664 BTC

Tether (USDT)

$1.0003 USD

0.00001666 BTC


$1.0000 USD

0.00001669 BTC

Polygon (MATIC)

$0.5313 USD

0.00000880 BTC

Ripple (XRP)

$0.5262 USD

0.00000875 BTC

Cardano (ADA)

$0.4306 USD

0.00000716 BTC


$0.1375 USD

0.00000230 BTC

Dogecoin (DOGE)

$0.1118 USD

0.00000186 BTC

Stellar (XLM)

$0.1013 USD

0.00000168 BTC


Exchange transactions in the international digital depository «AitiMart» (that is account top up with one cryptocurrency and withdrawing (transferring) funds with another one) are operations for which no commissions are charged.

All exchange transactions are carried out in full accordance with the «AitiMart» rates for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, current at the time of the transaction.

Rates for buying and selling cryptocurrency are set in the international digital depository «AitiMart» based on the current trading situation on exchanges and exchange platforms and are displayed on the balance replenishment page and the withdrawal page in the client's personal account.